Crochet garments are different therefore we make all the items according to the size and measurements given. Please use accurate bra size and measurements. This is IMPORTANT to assure that the garment has the right fit for you.  If you're not sure of your bra size or would just like to double check you can use the tips below to determine your size.



Stand in front of a mirror wearing a non-padded bra. Wrap a soft measuring tape around you back at band level, under each arm and around the front. Measure just about your bust, right about where the straps meet the top of the cup. If you get an odd number round down to the nearest even number.


Keeping the tape around your back at band level, measure at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape isn't too tight by taking a full breath in, allowing the tape to slide to it's most comfortable (yet snug) position. If the measurement falls on the half inch, round up.

  • All garments are US sizing. Sizing bigger than a DD cup are not recommended because these garments may not provide the proper support.